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Regenerative lesion after duodenitis
van Gieson
65 years
Iron deficiency anemia, erosive gastritis, stenosis of the aorta.
Biopsy of the duodenal mucosa with pronounced antral metaplasia of the surface epithelium as well a slight hyperplasia of the Brunner's glands. Focal atrophy of the villi with slight eosinophilia and focal thickening of the subepithelial collagen layer.
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The found collagenous depots have to be interpreted in the first line as reactive or unspecific in the context of a possible epithelialized ulceration. In rare cases an increase in collagenous depots can indicate a celiac disease or collagenous colitis. The diagnosis has therefore to be completed with the clinical findings (history of diarrhea, serology).
Joël Gsponer
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