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Micornodular thymoma
Haematoxylin & Eosin (H&E)
51 years
51 years old man with mediastinal tumor.
Encapsulated tumor with subcapsular cystic areas and nodular nests of bland spindle cells with dense lymphocytes between the nests.
Micronodular thymomas are probably related to type A thymomas. This type of thymomas are almost never associated with myasthenia gravis (<5%) and always completely encapsulated. The epithelial component looks like a type A thymoma. The lymphocytic component lies between the islands of epithelial cells and is not admixed with epithelial cells like in type A or AB thymomas. There is a high number of B-Lymphocytes (CD20+), with sometimes follicular organization. Sometimes there can be monoclonal B-cell populations or low grade lymphomas (marginal zone lymphomas).
Huber Bettina
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