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Skelettal muscle with endomysial lymphocytic infiltrates, consistent with polymyositis
Muscle, Lower Extremity
Haematoxylin & Eosin (H&E)
53 years
Muscle atrophy of unknown aetiology. DD GvHD after allogenic stem cell transplantation for plasma cell myeloma. CK increase >3000.
Histomorphological picture of polymyositis with endomysial lymphocytic infiltrates (CD3 dominant over CD20; CD4/8 approx 1:1, not shown). Rare presence of fibre attacks. Muscle fibre necrosis and myophagia. Furthermore sarcolemmal upregulation of MHC-class-1. Muscle fibre atrophy (predominantely type 2). Rare muscle fibres with targetoid alterations.
Musclefiber atrophy after steroid treatment, inactivity or rheumotoid disease. An additional neurogenic atrophy can not be excluded (targetoid fibre lesions).
Manuel Schlageter, University of Basel
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